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Clean For Good Foundation


  1. Limiting the amount of plastic waste that flows into the seas and oceans through the most polluted rivers, mainly in Asia.

  2. Cleansing of plastic waste from the world’s most polluted islands and beaches, transforming this waste into liquid fuel to meet local energy needs.

  3. Creation of a global operational and financial support community for the fastest possible and at the same time optimal implementation of the above objectives related to the protection of the natural environment and the permanence of living conditions for people.

Ways of achieving our goals:

  1. Promoting knowledge and raising awareness, especially among younger generations around the world, on rising pollution of seas and oceans with waste plastic and negative consequences of this pollution for animal life and human health.

  2. Searching for available technological solutions that would allow a noticeable reduction in the risk of plastic waste on the most commercial ( self funding ) terms possible.

  3. Preparation of a global map of the most suitable locations for the placement of future hubs for processing plastic waste acquired from rivers and beaches, with active cooperation from local authorities and communities.

  4. Development of the most optimal model of commercial operation for each selected location, through a skillful selection of available technological solutions in relation tothe type and structure of available waste and local energy needs.

  5. Commercially efficient organization of an international network of local recovery andprocessing facilities for plastic waste, targeted at the needs of local communities in the field of new jobs and alternative energy sources.

  6. Convincing venture philanthropists, who are seeking profits on their positive involvements,  and commercial sponsors, especially those companies generating  the largest documented quantites of plastic waste, to finance successive installations around the world.

  7. Creating a growing group of global support for the foundation, composed of advisers,volunteers and donors as well as technology and media partners.      

  8. Conducting workshops and trainings as well as organizing regular conferences in the field related to the foundation’s basic activity.